Friends Photo Competition

Entries for the Friends Photo Competition is now open to all members. This year we focus on celebrating biodiversity ‘Life in the Gardens’. “Botanic gardens hold documented [...]

Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens’ Honorary Life Membership

Two very worthy recipients of the Friends Of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens’ Honorary Life Membership, Shelly Kelly and Neil Morley. Both have given an incredible commitment to [...]

Surviving on Nature

Indigenous people have lived on this continent for more than 40 000 years surviving on nature and respecting the natural environment. Find out which plants growing in the Botanic Gardens were [...]

Our Amazing Trees

There are so many amazing trees in the Botanic Gardens… some very old, some very tall but they all are very important to our natural environment and our survival! Discover these trees, find [...]

Friends Centre – Visitor Information

Friends would like to welcome visitors back to the Friends Centre! It has reopened from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm seven days a week. COVID 19 restrictions are in place with limited numbers of [...]

The Biodiversity Project

Imagine our botanic gardens having a place for Botanically themed interactive displays ….Visitor Information Educational courses and workshops for all ages, event spaces……a Herbarium …A cafe as [...]

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