Australian Plants Gold Coast

Special Interest Group of Friends of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Inc

Diploglottis campbellii & Cupaniopsis newmanii

  • Increase members’ knowledge of Australian native flora.
  • Propagate and/or grow Australian native plants in private and public gardens and revegetation areas.
  • Support conservation and preservation of indigenous species.
  • Promote and/or share knowledge and use of native flora in the wider community.
  • As a Special Interest Group of the Friends of the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, to support their activities relevant to Australian native flora.


  • These have been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.

Previous Planting Projects

  • Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Rosser Park
  • Hinterland Regional Park, Mudgeeraba
  • Southport Historical Society, Elliot St. Bundall

Community Outreach:

We assist in planting Australian native plants – most recently at Benowa Primary School in conjunction with Griffith University.

 Gold Coast Regional Botanic Garden

Some members help with community planting days, garden maintenance, nursery and guiding in the Mangroves to Mountains sections.

Hinterland Regional Park

Some of our members formed the first Bushcare group here. The group’s activities include revegetation with local native plants and controlling environmental weeds. The group has contributed to planting over 70,000 native plants and has held large community planting days with schools and organisations such as Green Corps.

The Park is home to over 158 bird species including the glossy black cockatoo and a range of other native animals including the endangered Richmond Birdwing butterfly – a result of planting their Birdwing vine Pararistolochia praevenosa.

Gold Coast & Hinterland Historical Society Gardens

The gardens are set on an historical piece of land. The site was an Aboriginal gathering place, then a pioneer cemetery and recently Museum grounds.

The grounds are part of a series of sand dunes that formed thousands of years ago, before the mouth of the Nerang River moved this far north.

The littoral rainforest trees remaining on the site inspired members of the Australian Plants group. We planted gardens and restored littoral vegetation, using a concept plan by eminent landscape architect Lawrie Smith AM.

Sections of the gardens include cottage garden, wallum garden, littoral rainforest, Aboriginal plant trail and banksia woodland – all well signed.

The gardens were part of the ABC’s Open Garden scheme in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Now they are open on the first Sunday each month along with the Museum.


 ‘Grow Natives on the Gold Coast: a practical guide for gardeners’

Written by Graham J. McDonald. SPECIAL PRICE $12, Friends price $10.

If you live on the Gold Coast, SE Qld or northern NSW, and want to grow native plants to beautify your garden, then this book is for you!

Members have pooled their knowledge and experience to help you

  • understand the different soil types on the Gold Coast
  • solve problems associated with these soil types
  • chose the best native species for your garden or revegetation
  • create a garden which will support our local wildlife

 ‘Birdwings New Home’, a picture book for children

Written by member Lynette Reilly and illustrated by butterfly and botanical artist Lois Hughes, it was published by the Friends. Selling at the Friends Centre for $10.

A pair of Birdwing Butterflies experience trouble and joy as they ‘move house’, seeking new friends and a place to live. Lynette’s portrayal of the Birdwings’ life cycle is accurate and their adventures will appeal to children of all ages. Lois captures these fairies of the forest and their natural surroundings in exquisite detail says Graham McDonald, author ‘Growing a butterfly garden in SE Queensland’ and ‘Grow natives on the Gold coast’.

More info at

Both books are available for purchase at the Friends Centre (open 10 am -2 pm every day).

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