The Biodiversity Project

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Imagine our botanic gardens having a place for Botanically themed interactive displays ….Visitor Information Educational courses and workshops for all ages, event spaces……a Herbarium …A cafe as well as a place to shop for plants and botanically inspired gifts and books.

Please help Friends realise their vision of a sustainable visitor centre that complements the extensive plant collections growing in our botanic gardens.

A Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens Biodiversity Centre where locals and visitors can discover more about our region’s amazing flora and the fauna it supports.

Communities and tourists can visit, enjoy and learn from similar centres across the state.

Despite having one of the richest botanical heritages in the world, our Gold Coast has no purpose-built indoor facility.

You can help.

Talk to your local councillor or candidate for the 28 March Local Government election.

Remind them the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens have been established because of the commitment of Friends and the community for over 20 years.

Print out the Petition and obtain signatures and post or bring to the Friends Centre.

Gold Coast Friends Center