The Mangroves to Mountains Transect is a walk featuring regional flora stretching through more than 20 Zones including the Closed Forest Gorge, Montane, Wallum Woodland, Gum Tree Corridor and Freshwater Wetlands. The Bush Foods Garden and Story of our Country landscape are part of our developing Ethno-botanic Zone. They feature plants used by Indigenous Australians, with some now in mainstream cuisine.

Take a self-guided walk along the wheelchair friendly wide pathways, or duck off into one of the side tracks and explore further. Look out for the interpretive signs or pick up maps, brochures and Fact Sheets from the Friends Centre.

Guided Walks

Discover fascinating plant stories, learn which regional plants are endangered in the wild, explore the bushfood forest and gum tree corridor, or step back in time with local history on a free guided walk at the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. Perhaps encounter some of the many birds, native bees  or butterflies at the Gardens?

On the 1st Sunday or 3rd Wednesday of every month you can  join a guided walk with one of our trained volunteers. (See ‘What’s On’ to find out more about the walks)  Meet your guide at the Friends’ Centre at 10am

Commonwealth Games Visitors

From Saturday 24 March until Friday 20 April, our guides will conduct guided tours twice daily (10am and 2pm) from the Friends Centre.

Free walks and talks include a basic history of the site and start at the Friends Centre/Coffee Kiosk. Generally 45 minutes to an hour. These are some of the topics –

  • Introduction to and Discovery of the Gardens – The Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens has a very interesting history.  Find out about its diverse past and the living collections of this special 31 hectares of “the green in the heart of the gold”.
  • For the Love of Trees – Why do people fall in love with trees?  This guided walk is for tree lovers.  We will walk along treed pathways, through groves of trees and tree corridors.  We will enjoy the shade of trees, and with reference to some tree families and individual trees we will appreciate anew the precious, vital and bountiful role of trees in a biodiverse world.
  • Along the Mangroves to Mountains Transect – Destination Bush Foods Garden – Many examples of Bush Foods are available in this garden. You will be shown them in situ to appreciate them in the garden environment. Many are suitable for the home garden. Sample tastings will be available in the Friends Centre after the walk.
  • Indigenous Use of Bush Foods and Flora – Walk along the Mangroves to Mountains path past the Butterfly Garden and Fruits of the Forest to the bountiful Bush Foods Garden, discovering plants that have contributed to the survival of indigenous Australians for thousands of years, providing food, shelter, tools and medicine.
  • Stepping Back in Time – go back in time among Gondwanan trees in the Araucaria Forest and hear the intriguing 150 year history of the site from sugar cane farm to Regional Botanic Gardens
  • The World’s most Remarkable Tree – stroll through the Gum Tree Corridor and learn why Australia’s iconic gum trees are called the world’s most remarkable tree
  • Saunter for the Senses – Stimulate all 5 senses whilst discovering the Rotary Sensory Garden.  The walk then heads up to the Closed Forest Gorge which features small collections from different Gold Coast rainforest types.
  • This Fragile World – Take a “rare walk” through the Endangered Plant Trail & find out why the Ormeau Bottle Tree and others have become endangered in the wild.
  • Be Uplifted – The Gold Coast hinterland is a wonderful place to visit, walk and feel uplifted. In the Botanic Gardens, familiarise yourself with some of the amazing vegetation that is found in the beautiful mountains behind the coast.
  • The Green Within the Gold – Visit the Commemorative Avenues and Horticultural Display Gardens before walking through the Mangroves to Mountains loop past the Freshwater Wetlands, the Open Eucalypt Woodland and the magnificent Montane grass trees before returning to the Friends Centre,
  • Birds – lakes, lagoons and acres of native plants in an urban environment create the perfect habitat for an early morning encounter with amazing bird life. Join your guide on this early morning bird walk through the Botanic Gardens to see and hear different species of birds in a variety of habitats. What to bring:  Binoculars, hat and closed in walking shoes.
  • Butterflies – find out why butterflies matter, and learn which plants provide nectar and food for natures winged miracles. Discover Native Butterflies at the Gardens and their Host Plants.  The species that are spotted are recorded on the Climate Watch Website to help with the conservation of Butterflies.
  • Where’s the Wallum? – the disappearing heathlands of the south east coast are represented in the Banksia Woodland
  • Yugambeh – The Story of our Country – Learn about Aboriginal Australian plant use on an interpretation of the Yugambeh journey from Beaudesert grasslands, over rain-forested Tamborine Mountain to the coastal swamps and dunes of Southport.
  • How the Mangroves to Mountains Got its Name – Take a walk around the loop from the Friends Centre Gardens past the magnificent Montane grass trees. Visit the Open Eucalypt Woodlands which has a spring understory of pea flowers, the Dry Rainforest on the hillside and the Freshwater Wetlands below. Stop at the site of the first Friends Community planting day in 2003.
  • Native Bees – An introduction to our Australian Stingless Native Bees. You will be shown the different types of bee hives in the gardens – some man made and a few hidden in the trees. Taste some of this rare “Sugarbag” honey.
GUIDED WALKS 24th March – 20th April 2018
March10.00 am Walk2.00 pm Walk
24Yugambeh – The Story of our CountryHow the Mangroves to Mountains Got its Name
25The World’s Most Remarkable TreeAlong the M2M – Destination Bush Foods Garden
26Be UpliftedA Saunter for the Senses
27Indigenous Use of Bush Foods and FloraIndigenous Use of Bush Foods and Flora
28Indigenous Use of Bush Foods and FloraAlong the M2M – Destination Bush Foods Garden
29The Green Within the GoldThe Green Within the Gold
30Yugambeh – The Story of our CountryThis Fragile World – Endangered Plant Walk
31A Saunter for the SensesThe World’s Most Remarkable Tree
1The Wallum WalkFor the Love of Trees
2Yugambeh – The Story of our CountryThis Fragile World – Endangered Plant Walk
3The Wallum WalkA Saunter for the Senses
4Indigenous Use of Bush Foods and FloraStepping Back in Time
5The Green Within the GoldThe Green Within the Gold
6Be UpliftedYugambeh – The Story of our Country
7The Wallum WalkThe World’s Most Remarkable Tree
8Introduction to and Discovery of the GardensAlong the M2M – Destination Bush Foods Garden
9Be UpliftedStepping Back in Time
10Along the M2M – Destination Bush Foods GardenAlong the M2M – Destination Bush Foods Garden
11Yugambeh – The Story of our CountryThis Fragile World – Endangered Plant Walk
12The Green Within the GoldThe Green Within the Gold
13Yugambeh – The Story of our CountryYugambeh – The Story of our Country
14Stepping Back in TimeStepping Back in Time
15A Saunter for the SensesA Saunter for the Senses
16The World’s Most Remarkable TreeStepping Back in Time
17Along the M2M – Destination Bush Foods GardenAlong the M2M – Destination Bush Foods Garden
18Indigenous Use of Bush Foods and FloraThis Fragile World – Endangered Plant Walk
19Yugambeh – The Story of our CountryIndigenous Use of Bush Foods and Flora
20The Wallum WalkFor the Love of Trees

Apart from these flora discovery walks, our guides will also introduce those interested to our birds, butterflies and native bees.

GUIDED WALKS 24th March – 20th April 2018
MarchButterfly WalkBird WalkNative Bee Walk
279.00 am6.30 am9.00 am
309.00 am
39.00 am6.30 am9.00 am
69.00 am
109.00 am6.30 am9.00 am
139.00 am
179.00 am6.30 am9.00 am
209.00 am